Workout #1: Build & Tone

Build strength, tone muscle, and turn your body into a fat-burning machine in 50 minutes of targeted training using our proprietary 70/30 method—70% dynamic strength and 30% cardio work. We offer Total Body, Upper Body and Lower Body days throughout the week to guarantee all systems are firing!

In our build and tone classes, your instructor will guide you through a lifting program, designed to strengthen and tone, followed by periods of rest and recovery. It all ends with our “Final Throwdown” which will be sure to push you way out of your comfort zone!

Workout #2: Burn & Boost

Burn fat, boost energy, and be sure to pack a dry shirt because you’ll be sweating! This 50-minute scorcher is a challenge, and our instructors and community members will be there to cheer you on.

In our burn and boost classes, we turn the 70/30 method on its head. This time, it’s 70% cardio work and 30% dynamic strength. You will sweat, but you will not regret. Studies show that work/rest intervals raise your metabolic rate throughout the day. With this proven method you’ll be burning calories during class, after class and into the evening.

Private Events & Charity Classes

Did we mention that The Den is perfect for events, fundraisers, and team building? Email, call, or drop in to see how amazing our building is for your next gathering.

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